The First Project

After a few busy months elsewhere, our first big project is complete. For their big BCHL playoff push, the Grizzlies reached out to me and asked if I could put together a one minute playoff promo video focusing on the team and their captain Alex Newhook.

The video was shot and edited on a quick timeline, I received the first call on Tuesday and was at the shoot Saturday night. I showed up to the rink around 5:30pm and didn’t put a camera down for the next five hours, capturing footage from warm-ups until the final whistle. While I didn’t use footage from the warm-ups, I was also instructed to gather footage for future usage as well. I took two Lumix GH5’s with me on the shoot, one with a telephoto lens for up-close and personal shots along with another that had a wide lens on a gimble for some moving shots, most of which are used in the first part of the video.


The edit happened in under a week as well. I began working on the piece pretty much the day after the shoot, and with playoff series happening in quick succession, the video had to be pushed out very quickly. After a couple minor graphics edits, (which I was almost green with coming in), the video was sent off to the Grizzlies and published on their social media platforms the same night.

This video is a great example of capturing a lot of footage, with little manpower, on a short time frame. I’m excited to start this partnership with the Victoria Grizzlies and work on more projects down the road.

The Spark

Isn’t it funny how your next venture starts in mere seconds?

Last week, I’m hard at work at CHEK News with my colleague Kevin Charach when we pull up a local football players recruitment tape that he’s sending to try and get into post-secondary. There I am, standing next to my co-worker saying, “that looks awful.” Not trying to be offensive to the dad in the stands who captured this video on his iPhone and edited it all together on his iMovie app, but I can barely tell which kid is his and what’s going on in the video itself. It was there I said the words, “why don’t these people pay someone to come out and capture high quality video and put together these things?” Bing.

That night, I raced home and started brainstorming ideas and researching how to take my idea and make it a reality. Sending out e-mails to local coaches and people within the world of high school athletics, the constant reception was “it’s a great idea,” so I’m on the right track. It’s still in the early stages, but I believe I have the foundation work in place to get the ball rolling, it’s just building relationships and clients, and seeing where it goes from here.

For the last week, I’ve been slaving away after work on my computer, updating the website and getting as much preparation and research done as possible before going live with it all. It’s currently 4:03am while I’m writing this, and I’ve been up later than this multiple times since I had the idea a week ago. The passion is real.

Now it’s just a matter of putting this passion into action, which I’m hoping to do in the next couple of weeks, and at the latest, once the new year rolls around. I’m really hoping this all pans out, and I’m excited to see where it takes me.